We Khalid Faraj Shipping, is a support service provider organization in marine operation, Oil fields, dredging Support with our Landing Crafts, Barges & Tug Boats. We are committed to comply with applicable Local, Federal & International Regulations which relates to Health, Safety & Environmental aspects. Also we committed to update our HSE standards with latest National & International Standards. Our aim is to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our clients at all levels of our activities. We aim for zero incidents that might results injury, environment pollution property damage and customer compliant.

We are committed to continually improve our service standards, actively encourage and promote the levels of awareness of such standards among our employee. All employees in every functional level ashore and on board the ships shall execute their works with competence and commitments. We are committed to provide competent and qualified employees at all level of function on board the ships and ashore. Every working group has set up their objectives and targets which will be reviewed periodically to verify its compliance and in management review the status of individual objectives will be reviewed to ensure continual improvement process. The strategic company objectives are given below


1. Deliver world class services through enhanced operations and by retaining highest level in customer satisfaction.

2. Ensure safety of every personnel involved in the company operations as top priority.

3. Ensure optimal level of environmental protection and promote sustainable growth.

4. Maintain and continually improve the quality of organizational performance in every aspects and zero break down in company operations.

5. Motivate, recognize and improve the skills employee to achieve highest level of employee satisfaction. Become an employer of choice for an employee by giving work friendly atmosphere and adequate supports in his operations, competitive crew welfare schemes, recognise and reward best performance.

6. Promote environmental commitment through e-documentation system across the company to minimise paper consumption, spread awareness through campaigns and measures as needed for water and energy conservation and monitor its effectiveness.

This policy is communicated to all personnel in the organization, displayed at all key locations in ashore and on board the vessels and made understood by all through internal discussions, meeting and trainings within the organization. The Policy and Objectives of the functional levels are reviewed for its continuing suitability and achievement annually during Management Review meeting.

We are proud of our very long association with ADNOC and its affiliated, associated, JV Partners and group Companies that includes EPC Companies.